Being and Showtime



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  • includes one copy of Being and Showtime with free domestic shipping (contact us for international shipping for this package)
  • Includes author-inscribed dedication page (please leave the name of the person to whom the book should be dedicated in the notes when ordering; if no name is left, you will receive a generic greeting with author’s signature)
  • custom drawing on the dedication page (like one of the marginal drawings in chapter 3 of the book)

 You get two (2) ping pong balls along with your copy of the book.  Both were designed by HPS.  Only six of these ping pong balls were ever made!

    • White: No, it's not really white. It's GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!  This table tennis ball features the book title in red on one side and an image of Danielle performing an Indonesian Court Dance on the other side.  Your dream to play ping pong in complete darkness has now come true.
    • Red: This dark-red table tennis ball features the name of the book in white on one side and an image of HPS in his James Brown cape on the other side.

  • Challenge friends and frenemies to a colorful ping pong tournament!

  • 1 ball is glow-in-the-dark; 1 ball is red

  • Dimensions: 1.57" diameter; weight: 0.006 lbs.

  • Material: Celluloid

  • Double sided printing 


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