This is a quick drawing I made of the hairy woodpecker who comes to the seed bell at my feeder.  Check out how he is exhibiting zygodactylism!  (That means that he has somewhat unique toes on his feet: the 1st and 3rd toe face backwards while the 2nd and 4th toes face forward, thus making it easier for him to hang upside-down and climb around tree trunks in crazy positions.)

This is a photo of a hairy woodpecker at my feeder. 

He is a bird with EXCELLENT hearing.  He listens at trees for the sound of insects crawling under the bark.  By offering him seeds, nuts, and fruits, I'm trying to turn him vegan.  It's a whole thing....


Hint: This isn't the only super-secret hidden page on this website 

Just let me say that when these frail shadows we inhabit now have quit the stage,

we'll meet and raise a glass again together, in Valhalla....