I am selling this book now as a self-published set of "working notes."  The truth is that the book is complete.  I am just waiting for it to be published by a 'commercial' publisher, but the way things work today, that could literally take years. And what could be more anarchic than...doing it ourselves?!  Eventually, the book will be about 460 pages.  You'll be getting a 392-page version (as this massively keeps the cost down).  All it's missing right now, really, is acknowledgments, an index, and three large appendices.  It is, however, a complete and professionally published book.  The covers are slightly lo-res, but the inside of the book looks, basically, like the commercial book I assume this will be at some point.  It is a full-color printing on quality paper stock, professionally bound. It's a thick, big, booky-book!

I am selling this book at cost. I imagine that the cost of mailing to places far away from the American Midwest will make it such that I'll lose money on all of this.  You'll see below that I'm having the publishing house send the book to you directly in most cases.  If you want an autographed copy, I have to pay to have it sent to me, then buy the mailer, then pay another round of shipping costs to send it to you: that's why it's a bit more expensive (and I'm just estimating that expense right now; I'll adjust it later if it's too high or too low—sorry!).

None of us really know how long we have left on this beautiful planet, but I suppose that is especially true in my case. I prefer to see that at least a few people have a copy of this book while I'm still here so, I hope, we can talk about it.  It is, in the end, sort of a manual for revolution, after all, so I hope the conversations are followed by action.  Thanks for your understanding about all of this.  I hope that this book will somehow be meaningful for you. I am truly and sincerely grateful for your time, support, and consideration.  I look forward to the discussions, and actions, to come!  —HPS